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NASA - NASA Information-Dissemination Product Inventories, Priorities and Schedules
September 14, 2005

The NASA Home Page is NASA's primary means of communicating online to the agency's public audiences. It focuses on providing information for general audiences, including students, educators, children, the news media and the general public. As such, the portal's priority for publication is material for those audiences.

The inventory of information available through the NASA Web Portal includes:

  • Agency news releases and other materials for the news media.
  • Feature stories on agency activities.
  • Agency organizational information.
  • Agency reports and plans.
  • Curricula and other educations resources for educators (see the "For Educators" link on the top-level page).
  • Educational and other material for students (see the "For Students" link on the top-level page).
  • Games and other material for children.
  • Images, video and interactive media.

    Information for students and teachers is generally updated weekly. Information for the media and general public is updated as events warrant, usually several times each business day. The inventory of information available through the Web Portal is comprised of the portal archives, which users can search through the search box at the top of this page.

    Members of the public can provide input into how NASA disseminates information through the Web portal by using the "comments" link on the Contact NASA page.

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