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Budget Information

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NASA's FY 2006 Budget and Planning Documents
FY 2005 Operating Plan (July 2005)
+ View Cover Letter and Operating Plan (220Kb PDF)

FY 2006 Budget Request
+ Read Administrator's Statement

NASA's FY 2006 Budget Request is posted here in multiple versions to accommodate different Web audiences and their varying Internet connections. The high-resolution version linked below contains the full document (389 pages in two volumes), in a single file or broken into sections. The medium- and low-resolution versions linked below each contain the complete document in one file. The difference in resolution mainly affects how well images in each version print. It does not change in any way the information presented.

In addition, a full-resolution version (89 Mb) is available via FTP as described below.

High-Resolution PDF
+ Full document (13 Mb)

High-resolution Sections:
+ Medium-Resolution PDF (5.2 Mb)

+ Low-Resolution PDF (3.3 Mb)

FTP: To download the full-resolution version via anonymous FTP, go to:

Login as anonymous and use your e-mail address as a password. The budget document is in the directory:
The file name is FY_2006_budget_full.pdf

Administrator O'Keefe's Presentation
+ View PDF (383 Kb)

Planning Documents
+ The New Age of Exploration: NASA's Direction for 2005 and Beyond (1.7 Mb)

Performance and Accountability
The FY 2005 Performance and Accountability Report:

+ Full Report (8 Mb PDF)
+ View Part 1 (2 MB PDF)
+ View Part 2 (2.5 MB PDF)
+ View Part 3 (6 MB PDF)
+ View Appendices (680 Kb PDF)

+ View Text Only Version of Full Report (1.6 Mb PDF)

For best results, view in Acrobat 6 Reader.

Previous Years' Budgets
+ FY 2005
+ FY 2004
+ FY 2003 and Earlier

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