About Space For U.S.

“Space for U.S." features 56 stories across the United States about how people are finding solutions to local challenges using NASA Earth observations from space. NASA freely and openly provides its data to those seeking answers to important global issues like freshwater availability, food security and human health. These stories on the "Space for U.S." website are just a few examples of the many NASA activities that benefit society – work that is taking place around the world and is at the core of NASA's mission.

From helping farmers manage crops during a drought, to aiding first responders as they react to natural disasters, NASA's Earth Science Division (ESD) studies our home planet, giving decision makers information they need to improve the lives of people all over the world. The ESD team develops technology, builds and launches instruments, and analyzes data to inform those decisions. NASA Earth’s Applied Sciences Program helps put these findings to practical applications in areas including health and air quality, disasters warning and mitigation, ecological forecasting, water resources management, and food security. Applied Sciences also works to share and build the knowledge to manage this information and put it to use for society.

Explore the true stories behind the innovative technology, groundbreaking insights and extraordinary collaboration happening right here in the United States with "Space for U.S."

For more information on NASA Earth, head to www.nasa.gov/Earth or science.nasa.gov/earth-science. To learn more about how NASA puts its data to use for society, see appliedsciences.nasa.gov.