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NASA research on lightweight materials to lighten the weight of spacecraft helps reduce weight in all kinds of everyday vehicles.
Vitamin D Absorption
Modified from NASA technology to measure solar radiation exposure, solar dosimeters can also be used to monitor infants’ absorption of Vitamin D from sunlight.
Ear Thermometer
Using the same technology that measures the energy emitted by stars and planets, thermometers can measure human infrared heat in less than two seconds.
Memory Foam
Shock-absorbing temper foam, or memory foam, was first developed for use in aircraft seats. It is now used in bedding.
Flame-retardant Fabric
Chemically treated fabrics, developed by NASA to protect astronauts, are used extensively in children’s clothing.
Wheel Ball Bearings
A thin film of diamond-like carbon, applied with a NASA-developed process, helps ball bearings, tools and moving parts last 10 times longer.
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