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Tire Recycling
Using a process developed at NASA’s Stennis Space Center for handling launch vehicle fuels, nearly 5,000 tires per day can be recycled into asphalt roadbeds, new tires and hoses.
Oil-saving Seal
NASA developed sealing gaskets to stand up to the extreme conditions of space flight. They keep car engine oil clean, increasing the life of the vehicle.
Fire-resistant Material
A chemically treated fabric that won’t burn or give off fumes was developed by NASA to protect astronauts. It’s now used to make suits for racecar drivers and pit crews.
Breaking Point
A strain gauge had its start on a mobile robot developed for NASA to detect destructive forces on the robot’s frame. The gauge now measures strain on NASCAR and Indy Racing League racecar suspension systems.
Better Brakes
NASA’s search for heat-tolerant space materials led to composite materials for brake linings that wear longer
and cost less and stand
up under friction
temperatures up to
650 degrees Fahrenheit.
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