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Gold coating and ion beam bonding were used in astronauts’ helmet shields to make lenses darker and more scratch-resistant and to protect astronauts’ eyes from ultraviolet and infrared radiation in space.
Inline Skate Boots
The accordion-like corrugations on spacesuits are used in the design of inline skates.
Wheel Ball Bearings
A thin film of diamond-like carbon, applied with a NASA-developed process, helps ball bearings, tools and moving parts last 10 times longer.
Sport Helmet
Shock-absorbing temper foam, which lines the inside of some sports helmets, was first developed for use in aircraft seats. Aerodynamic bicycle helmets evolved from the design of an airfoils system.
Wheel Lubricants
A dry lubricant used in the Apollo, Viking and Skylab spacecraft in the 1960s and 1970s bonds to metal, resists corrosion, and is great for inline skates.
Flame-retardant Materials
Chemically treated fabrics, developed by NASA to protect astronauts, are used extensively in children’s clothing.
Athletic Shoes
Shock-absorbing material used in moon boots helped astronauts walk safely on the moon. This material has been used to improve shock absorption and to provide superior stability and motion control in athletic shoes.
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