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Interview - Where were you?

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MALE SPEAKER: In 1969, I was the airport manager for Braniff Airways in San Antonio, Texas, manager of operations, and when Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin came back from that trip, that famous trip they made, their family was there to meet them in San Antonio.

We had a logistical problem in that we had to get the families together without all the, you know, everybody knowing and everything.

So we had a council. Braniff had a council club back then, like American has, like a private club, and so I got their families together, Michael Collins' family and Buzz Aldrin's family. Buzz Aldrin, I think it was his wife then, and Michael's family, and when the astronauts showed up, I got them in the club, and I talked to them.

I was quite a bit younger then, very impressed. I thought I was the only one witnessing that point in history, just unbelievable.

But anyway, I've remembered that ever since. Both Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins gosh, I don't remember what it was, but it was some document that they wrote on there, "Best Wishes." I have two sons, J. Scott Smith, who I named after Scott Carpenter, the first rocket. Remember the X 15 rocket. Right? I named my son after him. J. Scott and Charlie Smith, Charles Smith, and I had a document, and Buzz signed one of them, and Michael signed the other one to my sons, and in the process of the years, they got lost, just killed me, but that would have been a great collector's item.

Fortunately, we heard Buzz Aldrin yesterday. We loved it.