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Interview - Where were you?

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MALE SPEAKER: I've worked for companies that have done, built equipment for NASA and the Space Shuttle program, but one of the most memorable experiences, I was invited by some workers by NASA Goddard to go to Dulles Airport, and this was the time when they were traveling around the country with the Space Shuttle on top of the 747. So we got to walk all around the Space Shuttle on the ground and look up at the Space Shuttle mounted piggyback on the 747 and got to see some of the astronauts up close.

Also, that day they were still flying the Concorde out of Dulles, and as a tribute to the Space Shuttle, the Concorde flight took off from Dulles, and as the Concorde left Dulles, the Concorde tipped its wings sideways which was a salute to the Space Shuttle and the American space program, and that is, I guess, my most memorable experience with the Space Shuttle.