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Interview - Where were you?

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MALE SPEAKER: I was sitting on my parents' couch. I was 13 years old in Rainelle, West Virginia, and I watched Neil step out onto the Moon. It was awesome, the most awesome thing I ever saw.

INTERVIEWER: When you think about NASA landing on the Moon, landing on the Moon in '69, we are returning to the Moon in 2020 and on to Mars.


INTERVIEWER: What are your feelings about where NASA is now and where they are going in the future?

MALE SPEAKER: I feel that NASA wasted about 10 or 12 years. They should have followed right up on the Moon exploration and kept it going, but they didn't, and I understand. They had budget problems and other programs, but I think they're going in the right direction now, and I am really happy with some of the movements they're making, the new vehicles they are developing and the new plans they've got. It looks really good.