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Interview - Where were you?

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FEMALE SPEAKER: In July 1969 when man first landed on the Moon, I was coming into my Sweet 16 years, but that particular summer, I had the pleasure of being in Florida for the summer, and it was an exciting time.

We got to sit with relatives and all look at one TV, so that we could see this event taking place. It was a big part of history. Growing up with people who were school teachers, you did not talk while the TV was going because it was history, and it was so exciting. We didn't even get to play cards either. It was an exciting time.

And the downside of that is the fact that you were 16, going on 16, and you had to stay inside to watch all this because at that time, young people didn't have a lot of choices on what they wanted to do and what they didn't want to do. The parents had control. The relatives had control, and we cooperated, whether we wanted to or not, and that is about it for now.