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Interview - Where were you?

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FEMALE SPEAKER: When man landed on the Moon, I can't remember just how old I was, but just getting out of high school, going to, and the whole family was gathered in the family room, eyes glued to our 12 inch television, and it was so exciting. It was in color too, and my father said, "That's not real," and we said, "Yes, it is. It really is real," and to me, I think that was the start of it all, this rapid age of it's just it's going so fast, computers and everything.

My husband worked on a computer when he was in the Air Force, but it took up a whole room, and now you can put them in your hand actually. You can put them in your ear. Actually, they can put them in your stomach because there's one called "In the Womb," goes through the whole baby cycle. So that sort of thing and I think it's all because man landed on the Moon.

I'm waiting for them to get to Mars. I hope it's in my lifetime. I'm going to keep real healthy.