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Interview - Where were you?

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FEMALE SPEAKER: That was 1969 which would have put me at 16. Actually, I'm lying. It was the year I finished high school. So that would have put me at 17 actually, and it was July, and I was at home watching it on television in my den in Houston, Texas, because NASA was right down the road from us, of course, and watching it and just with my mother. I don't know where my father was. He was off doing something, but I was with my mother, sitting there amazed at the pictures that they were actually I was amazed that they were actually coming from the Moon, and of course, the thrill of actually seeing humans go to another heavenly body was amazing to me. It was fantastic, and I sat glued to the TV all day because, of course, that was all that was on at the time. There was no cable. It was on the networks all the time, and I was watching Walter Cronkite.