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Interview - Where were you?

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FEMALE SPEAKER: When man first stepped on the Moon, I was so excited. I was lucky I had the day off from work, and I was at home watching it on TV. It was unbelievable.

INTERVIEWER: What were your feelings when you saw it?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Awesome. I couldn't believe it. It was something that was surreal, and you watched it and it was so exciting because it was the United States landing on the Moon.

INTERVIEWER: Outside of man landing on the Moon, what have been some of your fondest memories of NASA over the past 50 years?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh, I'm a follower of aviation, and I have been excited with all the takeoffs and the landings and just how NASA has expanded our visions of what the world is.

It's so much smaller now than it was when I was, 20 years ago, looking at the Moon and looking at the world, and NASA has brought it to life. I really enjoy it.