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Interview - Where were you?

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FEMALE SPEAKER: I was living in Hampton. My mother had allowed me to stay up to watch the Moon landing because I loved space, I loved astronomy, and I was watching television. I was in the den watching first man on the Moon, and I was just totally thrilled and excited, and that's been a thought that has stayed with me all through these years.

INTERVIEWER: Over the past 50 years, what other memories have you had about NASA?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh, my goodness. I have an application. I had almost as a matter of fact, I filled it out to be one of the teachers in space, and I didn't after the first tragedy.

I showed it to my third graders, and I had a little girl who was really touched, and she said, "Ms. Jennings, I don't want you going into space. You'll get hurt." I kept that application because I still had the hopes, and I still do have the hopes of going into space, because I would love to see the Earth from I'd love to see the Earth from space just one time. That's all it would take, one time.