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Interview - Where were you?

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MALE SPEAKER: I think I was sitting, watching a television at the time, watching a man walk on the Moon, land and walk on the Moon, but the exact date and time, I'm afraid it eludes me.

But I thought it was one of the greatest, one of the greatest achievements of mankind because, if you remember, that was a new planet without human beings, and therefore, they couldn't bring their hatreds and their pettiness to a place that has just become to evolve, considering that's something like 50 years later. Am I right? I'm not quite sure, 50 years later.

And I pray every day that my grandchildren, Celia and Sierra, never see the hatred that I have seen in my lifetime, and that people do learn to live together in the words of Martin Luther King and also Ghandi, men like that who gave their lives so people could walk and talk and be free, and unfortunately, we have not achieved that yet.

I pray every night that the Moon will be the place that that won't exist, but I doubt it.