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Interview - Where were you?

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MALE SPEAKER: Watch it on TV. I believe I was in the third grade.

INTERVIEWER: What was your feeling when you actually saw it?

MALE SPEAKER: Well, I always felt like it was true, even the people saying it was staged and stuff. So it was just God's creation. You know, we're a part of that, and it's just a continuation as we're growing and learning, stepping out further into his universe.

INTERVIEWER: Where do you see NASA going in the future, or what would you like to see NASA do in the future?

MALE SPEAKER: Well, I'm a major Star Trek fan. So I would love to see to continue exploring. I was talking to a lady out there about the upcoming Moon mission, and I have been following the Mars mission, the Rovers up there. So I'm hoping that they will continue and increase what they're doing, exploring, you know.

INTERVIEWER: We are heading back to Moon in 2020 and then on to Mars. Is that exciting to you?


INTERVIEWER: From the Buck Rogers age?

MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, could be, and that there is life out there. What is it like, I don't know. You know, organisms up from there, you know.