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Interview - Where were you?

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FEMALE SPEAKER: When man first stepped on the Moon, I was into gymnastics, and I was practicing, and I did my first cartwheel and my first back walk over, and I really made an achievement. And my mom called me into the house because we were practicing, and my mom called me in the house and told me to that they were stepping on the Moon at that very time. We were all excited. All the kids ran in there, and we were just so excited. We gathered around the TV, and we really couldn't believe it. We thought it was fake. We thought they was pretending, and they had a broadcast again and again, and finally we believed it.

INTERVIEWER: What was another memory that you had about NASA?

FEMALE SPEAKER: One of the memories I had about NASA was my daughter when she was a little bitty girl wanted to be an astronaut, and she really liked McAuliffe, the teacher, and so when she was going up into when she was going up on the Shuttle, she was really excited because she had she was watching her go on. She just liked the idea that a teacher was going into space, and she always wanted to be an astronaut.

So we came home from school one evening, and she found out. When she came home from school that evening and she found out that the Shuttle had blown up, the Challenger, it destroyed her. She just couldn't believe that the teacher had died, and it was almost like mourning. We watched it over and over and over again.

My daughter wrote letters. She was only oh, gosh, she was really small, and she was just able to write, and she wrote letters to NASA because it just touched her so much.