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Interview - Where were you?

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MALE SPEAKER: And the manufacturing outfit, I was working for Gillette Razor, and I was sitting at home one day watching the television when I saw the space shot, and I thought I listened to a friend of mine who said to me, "That's not real. They're only doing that in some hangar out in Arizona someplace," and then I saw that movie with O.J. "Hangar 17," was it? And it showed that they were pulling off this space shot as a movie in someplace out in Arizona in a hangar. So I believed it was real, and I paid attention because I thought we could do what they said they were doing.

I had a lot of confidence in this country, and I spent some time in the military, and I just wish I had done my full 20 years, but young man full of piss and vinegar, I jumped out after four years and spent my time working for the rest of my life. So, at my age, which is 72 and I'm still working.

So I enjoy this country, and I enjoy the things they are doing now, and hopefully, we'll get a man on Mars pretty soon because I realize that we have found out there is some life on Mars because there is they found some water, I hear, and anyplace there's water, there's a possibility of life. So maybe one day, we'll wind up there. Who knows? But i notice they are building another city someplace, someplace out there, and I hear that all the top brain are going to be shuttled there when we finally destroy ourselves here on this planet. Hopefully, it never happens, but who knows. Probably not in my lifetime, though.

I've enjoyed this little talk with you. I wish I could say more, but my time is limited.