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Interview - Where were you?

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FEMALE SPEAKER: I was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the time, and I was so much younger, but I see NASA is now 50, and unfortunately, I'm older than that.

INTERVIEWER: What are your memories of NASA over the last 50 years?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Gosh. I guess I grew up with Buck Rogers and all those fantasy things, you know, the silver spaceships and very bad special effects, and as I got older, it all became very real.

INTERVIEWER: Because NASA was really doing it?


INTERVIEWER: What are your views on where NASA is going, the space agency as far as returning back to the Moon and on to Mars?

FEMALE SPEAKER: I think eventually, they'll be everywhere, which I think is terrific. I think they should definitely fund NASA to the hilt, send people up in space, research.

I know the Mars Rovers are still I think at least one of them is still going strong, unless he is full of dust now.