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Interview - Where were you?

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FEMALE SPEAKER: When man first landed on the Moon, I remember them calling us all together in my high school for an assembly to see him put his first step on the Moon.

INTERVIEWER: What were your thoughts when you saw that happen?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, it was very exciting. It lifted my heart. I thought, oh, my goodness, we have reached out in such a broad expanse of space, and it was a first time of anything like that happening. So it was very exciting.

INTERVIEWER: Now that NASA is planning to return to the Moon and going beyond into Mars, what are your thoughts about what the Space Agency is doing today and going to be doing in the future?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, I hadn't really thought about it a lot, but I think anything they do to further humanity and expanding where we are now is a wonderful thing. I am all for the space program, and it's just exciting, just keeping up with the things that I read about it.