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Interview - Where were you?

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FEMALE SPEAKER: I was of the era of the space capsules landing, and in our school, the television would be brought into our classroom, and we would actually watch the capsules landing with the parachutes and see the astronauts being plucked out of the ocean, and it was all an a very exciting time for me and very interested in the space travel.

And a couple of years ago when I was in Florida and went to Cape Kennedy, we were taking the bus tour around the grounds, and there was a storm coming, and so certain areas were restricted, and we actually got to the Vehicle Assembly Building, and Atlantis, the Shuttle Atlantis was outside on her fuel tanks, and they were slowly moving her into the Assembly Building, and our bus driver took us to that vantage point and said, "Somebody goofed because this should be a restricted area. I did not get any calls. You can go out and take pictures, if you'd like," and it was the thrill of a lifetime for me to see this incredible vehicle that takes off on a rocket and lands like a plane, compared with the capsules that we saw when I was a child, with astronauts being plucked out of the ocean, as I said before.

I was in awe and amazed to see this magnificent piece of machinery that takes man from Earth to wherever and outer space, and all of the parts that were involved, from the tiniest screws and hooks and latches to the big elements of the craft itself, she was magnificent.

And I know that NASA has to move on, but I'll always love the Shuttle series, and I'll never, ever forget being able to see the Atlantis in close proximity like I did.