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Interview - Where were you?

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FEMALE SPEAKER: I was probably in I was in Hayward, California, and I was probably watching TV when it was going on.

INTERVIEWER: You see all that NASA does right now. Where would you like to see NASA go in the future?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, I know they want to go to Mars, and...

INTERVIEWER: What would you like to see them do?

FEMALE SPEAKER: I'd like to see them find cures for cancers and things like that.

INTERVIEWER: Anything else?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Well, I think that people want to take rides on the spaceships, and I think that there's a market for that.

INTERVIEWER: Would you if you could?

FEMALE SPEAKER: I would if I could.

INTERVIEWER: Do you like flying?


INTERVIEWER: Do you like flying fast?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Probably not that fast.