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Interview - Where were you?

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FEMALE SPEAKER: At Indian Lake, Ohio, and my whole family, we were on vacation. I was recently married by just a few years, and so it was the whole family gathering together for a weekend, which we did frequently at Indian Lake.

Oh, gosh, we all went to one room, and we all laid on the beds, and people standing all around because there were about 15 of us, and then we see it, and it was black and white. I don't have to tell you that, but it was black and white and a little grainy on the TV In the motel, but excitement, oh, my goodness. It was such excitement.

What did I oh, I'm trying to think of my feelings. I think proud. I was so proud to be an American. I was so proud to witness something that historic, and I don't think those feelings have ever gone away. I'm still proud.

Where I live in Florida, I'm fortunate enough to be able to see each Shuttle go over my house, and so I've kept up with the space program enough to really appreciate it. I just love everything about our space program.