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Interview - Where Were You?

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MALE SPEAKER: I was sitting in my parents den watching him crawl down that ladder. I've been a science fiction reader for a long time, even then, and my mother turned to me while he was coming down the ladder and said she wanted to apologize to me, and I said, "What for?"

And I'm trying to watch her and him on the ladder, and she said, "I didn't believe this would ever happen, and here I am watching it happen, and you told me 20 years ago that it was."

In fact okay. In fact, I had been at a meeting on the day they they took off or blasted off, and they were had a meeting scheduled, and those of us, those teachers at the meeting rebelled and said, "Uh uh. We're going to go watch the launch. You can have the meeting if you want to, but nobody will be here," and then a few days later, I was back home at my parents house when it when they landed, and it was a very exciting moment, and I wish we'd go back.

INTERVIEWER: We are going back.

MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, but I mean now.