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Developing Structure Compilers for Multi-Material 3D Printing

[image-51]Ethan Ritz
Cornell University

The following proposal is concerned with the analysis of multi-material 3D printing with respect to automated design, and the development of printing methods to:

  1. Generate custom composite mixtures from existing parent materials, which exhibit desired mechanical properties significantly different from individual parents.
  2. Generate material mixing strategies to discover arrangements with new, novel mechanical properties applicable to problems in aerospace engineering.
  3. Allow for computer-driven automatic design of 3D-printed structures to solve difficult mechanical problems, which could be fabricated both on Earth and in space.

Hands-on collaboration with NASA research labs will provide expertise and equipment directly applicable to my work, such as Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication and plastic reformation technology.

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Ethan Ritz
Ethan Ritz
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