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NASA Privacy Act System of Records Notices (SORNs)
June 10, 2014

NASA Privacy Act System of Records Notices (SORNs)

SORN No. Title Federal Register
10BRPA Biographical Records for Public Affairs PDF
10FNMS NASA Foreign National Management System PDF
10EDUA NASA Education Program Evaluation System PDF
76STCS Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Training Certification System (YC-04) PDF
10IEM1 Integrated Enterprise Management Program (IEMP)-Core Financial System PDF
10ACMQ Aircraft Crewmembers' Qualifications and Performance Records Sep. 30, 2009
10ACSR Astronaut Candidate Selection Records July 5, 2013
10CFMR Core Financial Mgmt Records Oct. 17, 2011
10EDUA NASA Education Program Evaluation System - Soon to be replaced. Oct. 1, 2007
10EEOR Equal Opportunity Records Oct. 17, 2011
10FOIA NASA Freedom of Information Act System Dec. 23, 2013
10GMVP Government Motor Vehicle Operators Permit Records Sep. 30, 2009
10GOS NASA Guest Operations System April 2, 2013
10HABC History Archives Biographical Collection Dec. 23, 2013
10HERD Human Experimental and Research Data Records Dec. 23, 2013
10HIMS Health Information Management System Dec. 23, 2013
10HRCF Harassment Report Cse Files Jan. 7, 2011
10IGIC Inspector General Investigations Case Files Dec. 23, 2013
10NASP NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program - Soon to be Cancelled. Oct. 17, 2011
10NPPS NASA Personnel and Payroll Systems Oct. 17, 2011
10ORIS Occupational Radiation Information System Oct. 1, 2007
10PATS Parking and Transit System April 2, 2013
10SCCF Standards of Conduct Counseling Case Files Oct. 17, 2011
10SECR Security Records System (Contact Steve Peyton, Office of Protective Services for access, 202-358-0191) Dec. 15, 2011
10SPER Special Personnel Records Oct. 17, 2011
10XROI Exchange Records on Individuals Dec. 24, 2013
51EUID Earth Observing System Data & Information System (EOSDIS) User Info Nov. 21, 2012
51LISTS Locator and Information Services Tracking System Oct. 1, 2007
72XOPR Johnson Space Center Exchange Activities Records Oct. 17, 2011
Appendix A Locations Numbers and Addresses of NASA Installations Oct. 17, 2011
Appendix B Standard Routine Uses Oct. 17, 2011

Previous NASA SORNs

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