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NASA Open Government Plan
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NEW: Version 2.0 of the Open Government Plan is now online.
This website features Version 1.0 of the NASA OpenGov Plan, released in April 2010. Visit http://open.nasa.gov/plan for the new version of the plan released in April 2012.

NASA Open Government Plan 1.0

Explanation of the Plan in Plain English

this signifies a fact sheet with 'transparency.'
transparency |
this signifies a fact sheet with 'participation.'
participation |
This signifies a fact sheet with 'collaboration'.

Welcome to the NASA Open Government Plan! The Plan is divided into three areas:

NASA Open Government Plan

Image of the cover of the NASA Open Government Plan The Cover of the NASA Open Government Plan

Download the entire NASA Open Government Plan (PDF, 3.8MB) here:

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Framework and Leadership

This section is fairly straight forward. Below you can have three sections in prose which are self explanatory; please read them as they are succinct and articulate our approach to Open Government being a continuously learning process, the infusion of Open Government into our existing governance structure and Performance Accountability Reporting (or PAR).

Fact Sheets

The fact sheets are the bulk of our plan. We believe that Open Government is the responsibility of each directorate, program, office and employee and have taken the approach to have them describe their activity in their own words. Each fact sheet describes the initiative through the lens of Open Government and follows the same format to assist the reader to browse to areas of interest as well as facilitate our initiatives to answer the same questions. The fact sheets follow the same structure as this Web page:

  • Open Government Logos — the logos are self-assessed by each fact sheet, and assist the reader to understand where it fits into Open Government.

  • this signifies a fact sheet with 'transparency.'
    transparency |
    this signifies a fact sheet with 'participation.'
    participation |
    This signifies a fact sheet with 'collaboration'.

  • Action Links - the three links on the upper right-hand-side allows users to download the fact sheet as a PDF, contribute in an on-line discussion, and share the Web page with your friends via Twitter.
  • Anecdotes - the boxes on the right-hand-side give an example and image of Open Government in action.
  • Open Government Goals - since this is a two-year plan, each initiative articulated three–month, six–month, one–year and two–year goals related to open government. We have to be careful here as all these goals must be achievable within the FY11 budget request. Additionally, these are truly "goals" an as we become more open, participatory, and collaborative our learnings may take us in a more optimal direction. The performance goals articulated in the Framework and Governance section will be measured as part of our accountability reporting.

Four Divisions

The Plan divides up the 25 fact sheets into four different sections: Mission Directorates, Ongoing Open Government Activites, New Open Government Initiatives, and Flagship Projects:


In the appendix, we conducted an analysis of the on-line Citizen Engagement Tool describing what we did with the information, what we are going to do, and our lessons learned. We also have included a letter to the Transparency Advocates along with a compliance matrix of the requirements of the Open Government Directive and where to find the information within the Plan. Finally, new in Version 1.5 of the Plan, we've created a Status Dashboard, which allows you to keep track of the goals and milestones created in the plan. As of now, the dashboard is current for the three month milestone, and as we move forward into the future we'll add the six month, one year, and two year goals as well.