Office of Strategy and Policy

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The Office of Strategy and Policy

The Office of Strategy and Policy supports the Associate Deputy Administrator for Strategy and Policy’s efforts by:

  • Performing analysis to inform the development of the Agency’s overall strategy.
  • Formulating and, as needed, iterating NASA’s strategy options to align with national goals and the Agency’s vision and mission.
  • Assessing changes in the NASA internal and external environment.
  • Identifying key trade-off decisions regarding goals and objectives for the Agency.
  • Developing a strategic management process that aligns with the Agency’s performance management system.
  • Planning senior leadership meetings with a strategic agenda as determined by the Administrator.
  • Facilitating the Strategic Management Council.

The Office of Strategy and Policy (OSP) supports the Administrator, Deputy Administrator, Associate Administrator, Associate Deputy Administrator and Chief of Staff. The Office of Strategy and Policy is responsible for providing, refining, and revising, when necessary, the framework to inform strategic decision making.

The Office of Strategy and Policy coordinates the long term strategy efforts for the Agency by working with mission directorates and other key offices. It supports the Administrator in setting NASA's strategic goals and objectives. It also conducts studies and analysis that inform Agency-wide strategic issues and decisions.

OSF Administration

Rebecca Spyke Keiser HeadshotRebecca Spyke Keiser
The Associate Deputy Administrator for Strategy and Policy directs the OSF and serves as the primary coordinator for agency-level policy and strategy efforts. She helps implement a wide range of initiatives in support of NASA's goals, and integrates the efforts of the agency's various strategic planning offices to ensure consistency with the White House and legislative direction, while supervising an analytic staff in the Office of Strategy Formulation.

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