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NASA Air Force Cost Model - NAFCOM

NAFCOM is a parametric estimating tool for space hardware based on historical NASA and Air Force space projects. It uses cost estimating relationships (CERs) which correlate historical costs to mission characteristic to predict new project costs. It's primary function of NAFCOM is to estimate development and production cost for projects in early phases of a development project. NAFCOM is applicable for estimates of various types of missions (crewed spacecraft, uncrewed spacecraft, and launch vehicles) at the subsystem or component levels.

NAFCOM is available upon request. There are two versions of the model: a government version that is restricted and a contractor releasable version. If you would like to request the use of NAFCOM, please fill out the appropriate access release form (located on this site).

NAFCOM is sponsored by the HQ Cost Analysis Division and the Marshall Space Flight Center's (MSFC) Engineering Cost Office (ECO). NAFCOM is actively managed by the MSFC ECO and implemented by SAIC.

Below are additional links and information on NAFCOM.

NAFCOM Questions & Support - MSFC-NAFCOM@mail.nasa.gov

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