The International Law Practice Group is responsible for providing legal advice in direct support of NASA's international programs. The Practice Group provides functional leadership in negotiating, drafting, and interpreting agreements, understandings, treaties and exchanges with foreign entities; legal oversight of the Agency’s compliance with Export-Import control regulations including ITAR and Export Control Act issues; and partnering arrangements with international governmental and commercial organizations. The Practice Group also develops, coordinates, implements, and administers NASA functional leadership to Center Offices of Chief Counsel in the international agreements and cooperation spheres. The Practice Group also provides legal advice and counsel involving issues related to international aspects of the commercialization of NASA activities. The Practice Group also provides general advice and counsel to the Agency on international law.

    The Practice Group is also responsible for providing legal review and oversight for the NASA Export Control Program -- a NASA-wide process including manager training programs -- established to ensure that exports and transfers to foreign parties in international activities are consistent with law and regulations.

    Associate General Counsel
    E. Jason Steptoe

    Tel: 202-358-2432
    Fax: 202-358-4355
    Legal Assistant
    Regina K. Washington
    Attorney Staff:
    Robin J. Frank
    Steven A. Mirmina
    Michael W. Schlabs

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