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Ethics Program
December 28, 2012


The NASA General Counsel, Sumara M. Thompson-King, is the Designated Agency Ethics Official. She is the primary officer designated by the NASA Administrator to administer NASA's ethics program. Adam F. Greenstone is NASA's Alternate Designated Agency Ethics Official.  The NASA Headquarters Ethics Team is within the General Law Practice Group. The Ethics Team is responsible for day to day management of NASA's ethics program, including support to Center ethics counselors and resolution of all NASA Headquarters' ethics issues.  In addition, all Center Chief Counsel are responsible for ethics program implementation at their respective Centers.

You may contact a member of the HQ Ethics Team by e-mail to ethicsteam@hq.nasa.gov or by phone at (202) 358-2465. You may contact a Center Ethics Official by e-mail or by the phone number listed.

Ethics Resources

  • Appropriated Funds: When can you use appropriated funds to purchase food for events and the rules for conference fees? A questionnaire is provided to assist in identifying one of the limited exceptions to the prohibition on paying for food with NASA's appropriated funds.

  • Ethics Frequently Asked Questions: Brief answers to frequently asked questions concerning gifts, conflicts of interest, use of government property, and other common ethics areas.

  • Ethics Training: Schedule for upcoming classes.

  • Financial Disclosure Frequently Asked Questions: Questions about how to fill out your financial disclosure report, or why you have to submit one.

  • Hatch Act: Agencywide Message To All NASA Civil Service Employees 09/26/2012

  • Hatch Act: What can you do during an election year?

  • Outside Activities: Thinking about moonlighting? Here's what NASA requires before you do so.

  • Sources: Where do the ethics laws and rules come from?

  • Widely Attended Gatherings: NASA employees may accept offers of free attendance at certain events if the agency has determined that the event meets certain requirements. This site tells you how to request the determination and contains a listing of approved events.

Ethics Directives and Forms:

NASA Advisory Committees:

For Special Government Employees (SGEs) -

  1. Filing Your Annual Financial Disclosure (OGE 450) Form

For Executive Directors/Secretaries of NASA Advisory Committees -

  1. How to Handle Make-Up Training for SGEs

  2. How to Collect Overdue 450s

  3. How to Review an OGE 450 Form

If You Are Leaving NASA:


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