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Flight Opportunities Program, Fly Early, Fly Often, Fly Safely
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CASIS, Brining Home the Magic of Space.
Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS)
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NACA: NASA's Predecessor

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From the NACA to NASA: 95 Years of Innovation in Flight
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ESO - Emerging Space Office
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What is Emerging Space?

NASA's Emerging Space Office (ESO) was formed in recognition of the rising importance of private-sector individuals and organizations that invest their own time and money in space activities. This emerging space community is increasingly a major force in American space developments.

Members of the emerging space community include commercial companies looking to develop new markets in space, private groups and societies dedicated to furthering new initiatives in space, and individual Americans - from billionaire entrepreneurs to garage-inventors - who share in the dream of opening up the space frontier to all.

NASA's Emerging Space Office (ESO) monitors and provides analytical support to the Office of the Chief Technologist on the state of this rapidly growing sector to assist in NASA's legislated responsibility to "seek and encourage, to the maximum extent possible, the fullest commercial use of space."

The Emerging Space Office:

- Monitors, investigates and reports on opportunities enabled by the rapidly growing national and international entrepreneurial space communities.

- Examines competitive stresses, potentials for public benefit, and issues affecting NASA or the nation in the commercial space arena.

- Supports stimulatory partnerships that can encourage early-stage companies and promising entrepreneurs.

- Publishes reports to inform NASA and the public on important topics relevant to the emerging space ecosystem. These reports, and other ESO products, can be found on this website.

2012 Highlights

In its first year of operation, the Emerging Space Office supported the Space Frontier Foundation's 2012 Business Plan Competition by providing $110,000 in prize money. This competition was unique in the United States in that it targeted space endeavors from independent companies in the seed, start-up or early growth stages and simulated the real-world process of entrepreneurs soliciting start-up funds from investors and venture capital firms. Competitors were required to demonstrate an ability to contribute to the economic development of space with groundbreaking technologies that were either space-focused or space-scalable. In addition to receiving critical feedback from space industry experts and investors, finalists participated in a 'Boot Camp,' receiving expert training in promoting and developing their business plans. The winner of the competition, Space Ground Amalgam, is developing inflatable satellite reflector components to meet and increase higher industry bandwidth demands, while reducing launch costs and increasing design flexibility.

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