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Commercial Crew and Cargo
Commercial Crew & Cargo Program
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Flight Opportunities

Flight Opportunities Program, Fly Early, Fly Often, Fly Safely
Flight Opportunities Program
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ISS Commercial

CASIS, Brining Home the Magic of Space.
Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS)
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NACA: NASA's Predecessor

3 Men working on a plane.
From the NACA to NASA: 95 Years of Innovation in Flight
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ESO - Emerging Space Office
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Emerging Space

NASA's Emerging Space Office (ESO) was formed in recognition of the rising importance of private-sector individuals and organizations that invest their own time and money in space activities. This emerging space community is increasingly a major force in American space developments.

The following report provides an introduction and overview to the emerging space ecosystem and American private-sector space activities as they have evolved from their origins in the Pre-NASA era to where they may go in the future:
Emerging Space: The Evolving Landscape of 21st Century American Spaceflight

Mission Statement

Providing economic intelligence on the emerging space ecosystem.

Research Supported by the Emerging Space Office

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