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Welcome to Enterprise Portfolio Management
March 10, 2011

Portfolio Management is the systematic use of data, process, and tools to enable better decision making.

A portfolio is an organized set of related items, such as Information Technology (IT) systems, applications, assets, intellectual property, people, and projects. NASA has identified four portfolios as explained below.

Business Management
NASA has transformed its Agency-wide business systems to improve financial, physical, and human capital management processes. The Agency established the Integrated Enterprise Management Program (IEMP) in Fiscal Year (FY) 2000 to manage this transformation process. IEMP focuses on implementing business systems that capitalize on industry "best practices" and using technology to provide critical management information in support of the Agency's strategic plan implementation... READ MORE

Management/Business Systems Integration Group (M/BSIG)

In 2006, NASA established a cross-functional group to prioritize business systems requirements to ensure the Agency is using its limited resources to support its most critical needs and to ensure that the Agency continues to capitalize on the foundation established by the Enterprise Management Program (IEMP). The group includes representatives from the Mission Directorates, Centers and each major Mission Support Organization. The M/BSIG makes recommendations to the IT Strategy and Investment Board (SIB) and the Agency Operations Management Council (OMC), which serves as the governing body for business systems investments. The M/BSIG recently completed a gap analysis of Agency-wide business systems to determine opportunities for improvement in policies, training and systems and to ensure that all new requirements are addressed from a holistic, Agency-wide basis, rather than in a stove-piped manner.

The MBSIG provides a forum for high-level agency participation in the discussion of issues relating to business system requirements and priorities, thus ensuring that the needs, goals and objective of relevant stakeholders are proactively elicited and considered.

The MBSIG and representatives from NASA organizations across the Agency undertook an extensive effort to define the current state of the Agency's business framework, identify areas for improvement in the operation of NASA's business systems, and develop a vision for how NASA's business systems will operate in the future.

Ongoing, the MBSIG will perform periodic gap analyses to identify and characterize where NASA's management and business systems are not meeting the needs of NASA's Programs and Projects.

The IT Infrastructure portfolio include those common applications that everyone uses on a day-to-day basis, primarily for office automation. Examples include: e-mail, calendaring, and document management.

Science and Engineering
The Science and Engineering portfolio includes applications that support the Mission Directorates in accomplishing their missions. `Examples include modeling and simulations.

Project Management
The Project Management portfolio includes applications that support the planning, organizing, and managing of resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. Examples include scheduling, risk management, and budget management applications.

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