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Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Organization

IT Security Division: This division strategically manages Agency-wide security projects to correct known vulnerabilities, reduce barriers to cross-Center collaboration, and provide cost-effective IT security services in support of NASA's systems and e-Gov initiatives.

Capital Planning & Governance Division: This is the central policy and business management division within the Office of the CIO. The CP&G Division develops and implements uniform and consistent information resources management policies; oversees the development and promotes the use of information management principles, standards, and guidelines; evaluates agency information resources management practices in order to determine their adequacy and efficiency; and determines compliance of such practices with the policies, principles, standards, and guidelines promulgated by the CIO.

Technology and Innovation Division: The Technology and Innovation Division is led by the Chief Technology Officer for Information Technology. It is committed to empowering NASA's scientists and engineers with the most innovative information technology in the world. This division engages the brightest minds across the Agency to guide NASA's IT strategy and investment decisions, and to identify emerging IT Technologies that can best support NASA's technology needs in a rapidly changing world. The Division serves as the advanced planning function of the Office of the CIO and tackles policy and mission support functions including, digital services, information architecture, Center Chief Technology Officer and Enterprise Architects, technology infusion, technology procurement, and future IT workforce development.

Enterprise Service & Integration Division: This division develops, maintains, and facilitates the implementation of the NASA Enterprise Architecture (EA), which is the framework for ensuring IT investments enable the mission and are integrated, efficient and secure. This division is also responsible for the design, implementation, and delivery of NASA's IT infrastructure elements, including networks, data centers, Web services, desktop computers, and other end-user tools, such as e-mail and calendaring.

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