Larry N. Sweet, Chief Information Officer

Larry Sweet, NASA CIOLarry N. Sweet is NASA’s Chief Information Officer. Mr. Sweet joined the NASA Office of the CIO (OCIO) in June 2013. Sweet leads the agency’s information technology efforts and capabilities. He is responsible for ensuring NASA’s information assets are in line with federal policies, procedures and legislation. He also manages a number of other major IT efforts, including the Information Technology Infrastructure Integration Program (I3P), which consolidates and integrates NASA’s IT services to enable collaboration and reduce costs to the agency. :::Read more:::

Collaboration in Motion

Collaboration in Motion Innovative thinking and collaboration have become key tenets of NASA culture. Both trends contribute to advances in technology and lower, or shared, costs. The spirits of both innovative thinking and collaboration are embodied in Kinect Collaborative Lab (Co-Lab) at Johnson Space Center (JSC). ::: Read More :::

Making a Difference, Changing Lives – Repurposed Computers Provide a Library for London, CA!

Making a Difference, Changing Lives When JPL users complete their standard computer system subscription cycle, they return their equipment to Lockheed Martin (LM), JPL OCIO partner under the Desktop and Institutional Computing Environment (DICE) contract. Instead of being sent off for electronic recycling, these systems are cleaned, repurposed, and donated to schools and non-profit agencies across Los Angeles County and beyond. ::: Read More :::

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