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Health and Medical Systems
Dr. Vince Michaud, Director

The Health and Medical Systems Division includes the following sections:

  • Aerospace Medicine
  • Occupational Health

Aerospace Medicine

Eye checkup at ISS.

The Aerospace Medicine section is responsible for the organization, planning and development of headquarters oversight for all activities supporting space medicine, from research requirements to deliverables, including: ground based analogs for space missions,  the development of vehicles for human and animal access to space, International Space Station activities, planning for future space missions and supporting the execution of Health and Medical Technical Authority


Occupational Health

It is NASA's policy to promote and maintain the physical and mental well-being of its employees, in the workplace and on international travel and assignment.   In addition, NASA ensures compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements in the implementation of all Occupational Health components: Occupational Medicine, Environmental Health, Health Physics, Physical Fitness and Health Promotion, Federal Workers Compensation, and Employee Assistance.
Several studies have shown that a healthy and productive workforce results in lower employee healthcare costs, improved recruitment and retention efforts, reduced absenteeism/presenteeism, and enhanced morale. The Department of Health and Human Services' Healthy People 2010 (health objectives for the Nation) calls for more worksites to offer comprehensive health promotion programs to their employees. Under Occupational Health, procedures have been established to carry out the mission of the Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer and to ensure the scope and quality of services provided by Occupational Health Program (OHP) personnel at NASA Centers are optimal. NASA OHP professionals and allied professionals throughout the Agency use these procedures in their daily tasks to assure the health of employees and a safe work environment.
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