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Stephen Gaddis
Director, Game Changing Development Program
B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Tennessee (1988) M.S., Aerospace Engineering, University of Alabama (1998) M.S., Systems Engineering/Engineering Management, University of Alabama (2002)

Presently Mr. Gaddis serves as Director for the Level II Game Changing Development Program at LaRC.  In this capacity he completes programmatic and supervisory responsibility for technology development projects, managers, principal investigators, strategic evaluations, program cost and schedule.  He accepted this position after completing a 1 year detail to HQ acting as Program Executive (PE) for the newly formed Game Changing Division, where he was responsible for formulation and planning.



Stephen Gaddis

Stephen Gaddis

Current Interests/focus:
Personally, he is interested in spending time with his little boys and being involved in the scouts.  They are heavily involved in church activities.  On the career front, Mr. Gaddis is very interested in finding the real game changing technologies that would make a huge impact on the economic future of our Nation.

Future Plan:
Mr. Gaddis plans to continue leading the game changing development effort in a direction that will help NASA do some activities a little differently and take a few more technological risks.  He looks forward to being more involved in the Office of the Chief Technologist and one day returning to work Human Space Flight programs with the advantage of leading high payoff technology development projects.




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