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Working Knowledge at NASA
Presenter: Dr. Edward J. Hoffman, NASA Chief Knowledge Officer

Time: May 2, 2013 @ 11 - 1 pm (EDT)

Abstract: Knowledge is the coin of the realm at NASA.  Like all large, knowledge-intensive organizations, the agency faces continuous challenges identifying, capturing, and sharing what it knows effectively.  Since the appointment of an agency-wide Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) as well as CKOs for the agency's centers and mission directorates, there has been a heightened level of awareness about the quality and quantity of knowledge work underway at the centers and mission directorates.  NASA operates its knowledge management enterprise on a federated basis, with each organization determining the approach that best meets its needs.  The agency has developed a map of existing knowledge services at NASA to identify the current state of the enterprise.  The agency's knowledge community has also engaged with a rich network of knowledge practitioners across the federal government, such as the FBI and CIA, as well as with external organizations such as APQC that track best practices for knowledge management in all industries and sectors.

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Dr. Edward J. Hoffman

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