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Cutting More than Metal: How New Technology and Flexible Engineering Can Enable Affordable Space Missions

  Erin Betts Stan Rhodes
  Erin M. Betts
Propulsion Engineer

Stan Rhodes
Manager, Systems Engineering
Management Office

Time:  September 24, 2013 @ 11 - 1 pm (EDT)

Abstract:  New technology is changing the way we do business at NASA. Enabled by a culture embracing innovation and flexibility that has a higher tolerance to risk, technology is impacting the entire product life cycle, from design and analysis, through production, verification, logistics and operations.  New fabrication techniques such as additive manufacturing, verification techniques, integrated analysis, and models that follow the hardware from initial concept through operation are having an impact on the time and cost of building space hardware.  Evolved Systems Engineering processes and policy at NASA are inherently more flexible than they have been in the past, enabling the implementation of new techniques and approaches.

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