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2010 Award Winner

The Software Advisory Panel met July 26-29, 2010, at Ames Research Center and reviewed the entries and selected the winners of the 2010 Software of the Year competition. The award will be presented at the 2011 NASA Project Management Challenge in Long Beach, California, February 9-10, 2011.

Award Title:

Kepler Science Operations Center Science Pipeline (Release 6.0)

Lead NASA Center:

Ames Research Center (ARC)

Case Number:



The Kepler Science Operations Center (SOC) is responsible for several aspects of the Kepler Mission, including managing targets, generating onboard data compression tables, monitoring photometer health and status, processing science data, and exporting Kepler Science Processing Pipeline products to the Multi-mission Archive at Space Telescope [Science Institute] (MAST). The pipeline framework software developed for the Kepler Mission is used to achieve these goals, including development of pipeline configurations for processing science data and performing other support roles, and development of custom unit-of-work generators for controlling how Kepler data are partitioned and distributed across the computing cluster. It includes an interface between the Java software that manages data retrieval and storage for a given unit of work and the MATLAB algorithms that process the data. The data for each unit of work are packaged into a single file that contains everything needed by the science algorithms, allowing the files to be used to debug and evolve the algorithms offline.

Runners Up

(alphabetically by NASA Center)
  • LEWICE, Version 3.2.2, Glenn Research Center (LEW-18573-1)
  • Direct Readout Laboratory (DRL) International Polar Orbiter Processing Package (IPOPP), Goddard Space Flight Center (GSC-15570-1)