Software of the Year Overview

    Excellence in aerospace software is vital to NASA's leadership role in developing aeronautics and space technologies and transferring them to government and industry. The prestigious Software of the Year Award is designed to give recognition to developers of exceptional software created for or by NASA and owned by NASA.

    Every NASA Center and Facility is invited to participate in the annual Software of the Year competition, which is sponsored by the NASA Chief Engineer, the NASA Chief Information Officer, and the NASA Office of Safety and Mission Assurance. A special Software Advisory Panel with representatives from across the Agency reviews the entries and recommends winners to the Inventions and Contributions Board.

    The award includes the NASA Software Medal, Inventions and Contributions Board certificate(s), and monetary compensation. The competition allows the agency to recognize and appreciate the NASA team members who set high standards for significant software that is creative, usable, transferable, and possesses inherent quality.

Software of the Year Award Winners

Software of the Year Medal

    Software of the Year Medal

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