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NASA’s Invention Title Waivers for Large Contractors

The Bayh-Dole act of 1984 automatically grants title waivers for small businesses, certain not-for-profit organizations, and universities to help to promote the growth of small entities and spur the economy. In contrast, NASA is vested with all title rights to inventions by large contractors, but may waive those rights if the large contractor petitions NASA to do so for rights to inventions arising from joint work with NASA. These petitions consist of cover letters from the companies, a statement of the petition, and the contract statement of work. These are routed to the ICB through the Patent Counsel at the managing NASA facility who completes the NF-1523 form for Advance Waivers (in advance of the work being performed), or a NF-1524 Waiver Questionnaire for inventions that have already been made in the course of the contracted work. A small panel comprised of ICB members and administrative staff screen the applications and provides a recommendation to the ICB, which in turn provides a Grant/Deny recommendation to the NASA Administrator.

  • NF-1523: Waiver Questionnaire - Technical Evaluation (Advance Waiver)
  • NF-1524: Waiver Questionnaire - Technical Evaluation (Invention Waiver)