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The Office of the Chief Engineer provides policy direction, oversight, and assessment for the NASA engineering and program management communities and serves as principal advisor to the Administrator and other senior officials on matters pertaining to the technical readiness and execution of NASA programs and projects. Below are the functional technology areas under the purview of the Office of the Chief Engineer.

Functions of the Office of the Chief Engineer — Technology Areas

Engineering Excellence

Technical Authority

Employs checks and balances among key organizations to ensure that decisions have the benefit of different points of view and are not made in isolation.
Systems Engineering

Capability Leadership

NASA relies on numerous capabilities to achieve our challenging goals. The intent of the Capability Leadership Model is to strategically address the following:
  • How to build a strong foundation to support NASA missions;
  • How to advance capabilities, intrinsic to NASA, to meet long-term needs;
  • How to optimize deployment of capabilities across Centers; and
  • How to transition capabilities from government, or eliminate entirely.
Technical Standards

Program and Project Management

The Program and Project Management policies and requirements provide guidance to assist the programs and projects in the implementation and tailoring of the policy requirements.
Lessons Learned

Engineering Policy and Standards

Comprises of the Standards Program, System Engineering and Software Engineering.
Inventions and Contributions Board

Engineering Management Board

Provides guidance for development, coordination, review, assessment, and deployment of Agency engineering activities related to policies, standards, methods, capabilities, and training.
Engineering and Program Management Division

Space Asset Protection Program

Implemented to satify the National Space Policies, PPD-4 and PPD-21, that requires the protection of all critical space systems and supporting infrastructure.
Advanced Planning and Analysis Division

Program and Project Management Board

Provides guidance for Agency wide program and project management planning, policy formulation and implementation, and resolution of program and project management issues within the Agency.
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