Documents and Reports

  • NASA Spacecraft Fault Management Workshop

    The 2012 NASA Spacecraft Fault Management Workshop brings together NASA’s Fault Management (FM) community — including project managers, systems and software engineers, researchers, technologists, and FM practitioners — to actively, and collaboratively, address near-term challenges and long-term vision for the FM discipline.

  • NASA Insignia

    NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Handbook

    NASA policy documents provide the basis of practice across the Agency. The scope of NASA programs and projects is vast — from researching new ways to extend our vision into space, to designing a new crew vehicle, to exploring the outer reaches of our solar system. The Space Flight Program and Project Management Handbook takes a detailed look at how to implement high-level requirements.

  • Technical Excellence Initiative

    NASA Instrument Capability Study

    In July 2007, the NASA Office of the Chief Engineer chartered the NASA Instrument Capability Study team to determine whether NASA instrument developers are facing challenges that impact the capability to design and build quality instruments or whether there are flaws in the acquisition strategy evidenced by schedule delays, cost overruns, and increased technical risk via design deficiencies.

  • NASA's Intelligent Flight Control System project focuses on development of self-learning neural network software for aircraft flight control computers

    NASA Study on Flight Software Complexity

    In 2007 the NASA Office of Chief Engineer commissioned a multi-Center study of the growth in flight software size and complexity in NASA space missions. The study was motivated by problems attributed to flight software in a variety of missions — in pre-launch activities and mission operations — and concerns that such problems were growing with the expanding role of flight software.