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NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC)

NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC) The mission of the NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC) is to perform value-added independent testing, analysis, and assessments of NASA's high-risk projects to ensure safety and mission success. The NESC engages proactively to help NASA avoid future problems.

NESC is dedicated to promoting safety through engineering excellence, unaffected and unbiased by the programs it is evaluating. It is a resource meant to benefit the programs and organizations within the Agency, the NASA Centers, and the people who work there.

At the core of the NESC is an established knowledge base of technical specialists. This ready group of engineering experts is organized into 15 disciplines areas called Technical Discipline Teams (TDT), formally known as Super Problem Resolution Teams (SPRT). TDT members are from the NASA Centers, industry, academia, and other government agencies. By drawing on the recognized expertise of leading engineers from across the country, the NESC consistently optimizes its processes, deepens its knowledge base, strengthens its technical capabilities, and broadens its perspectives, thereby further executing its commitment to engineering excellence.

NESC's technical evaluation and consultation products are delivered in the form of written reports that include solution-driven, preventative, and corrective recommendations. The NESC strives to set the example for the Agency by providing full and appropriate documentation of every activity its teams perform. Along with each report, lessons learned are communicated to Agency leadership and to engineers through avenues such as the NASA Lessons Learned system.

Another important function of the NESC is to engage its proactive investigations to identify and address potential concerns before they become major problems. To further this goal, the NESC is currently leading NASA's efforts for independent data mining and trend analysis. The NESC has established a Data Mining and Trending Group that includes representatives from all NASA Centers, as well as external experts. This group ensures that results are maximized and that the NESC comprehensively learns from previous efforts.

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