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Engineering Program/Project Management Division (EPPMD)

[image-62]The Engineering Program/Project Management Division director reports directly to the NASA Chief Engineer. The division is responsible for:

  • Development of engineering and program and project management policy;
  • Communicating policy and processes to the engineering and program/project community through the Engineering Management Board (EMB), Program Management Board (PMB), and the Program Management Council (PMC);
  • All audit functions, including compliance audits;
  • Office of Safety and Mission Assurance coordination, including Safety and Mission Success Review (SMSR) activities; and
  • Establishing a support system to ensure greater project success through better engineering and project management.

The EPPMD director leads the coordination and development of NASA Policy Directive (NPD) and NASA Procedural Requirement (NPR) guideline documents regarding program and project management. NASA's system for program and project management is consistent with NASA's governance model, as described by NPD 1000.0A, NASA Governance and Strategic Management Handbook.

The directives listed below describe the policy requirements by which NASA formulates and implements programs and projects. Companion handbooks further explain how NASA approves and evaluates programs and projects for safe development and operation of NASA missions. This management system is intended to be flexible, adaptable, and tailorable to the many types of programs and projects that NASA manages. Extensive descriptions of the management system requirements are specifically provided in NPR 7120.5 for spaceflight programs and projects, NPR 7120.7 for information technology and institutional infrastructure programs and projects, and NPR 7120.8 for research and technology programs and projects.

The director coordinates with the NASA Program Management Council by developing and maintaining efficient and useful reporting practices and techniques. He also leads the Program Management Working Group and assigns studies and tasks as requested.

Related Functions:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Engineering Excellence
  • Engineering Management Board (EMB) - Chaired by the NASA Chief Engineer, the EMB consists of the principal management official responsible for engineering, engineering processes, or engineering technology, and the principal Safety and Mission Assurance (S&MA) official. They inform the Chief Engineer on Agency-wide engineering activities. Each NASA Center is represented by two members, typically the Center's Chief Engineer or principal management official responsible for engineering, engineering processes, or engineering technology, and the Center's principal S&MA official. NASA Headquarters offices are represented by their senior technical official (or a designee). The Jet Propulsion Laboratory participates as an ex officio member of the Board.

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