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Advanced Planning and Analysis Division (APAD)

[image-62]Implementation of the NASA mission requires the proper use of technical expertise and technologies in environments where operational experience is limited. This is achieved by performing the initial evaluations of risks and technologies that cross cut Agency programs, projects, and operations. Technical and technology advanced planning and analysis identifies, assesses, and initiates appropriate actions, including recommendations for long-range investments, to reduce mission risk.

These evaluations result in the following outcomes:

  • Timely technical and capability assessments identifying potential government and educational institutional partners, while assessing the capabilities of the industrial base.
  • Documentation of issues that impact project performance, risk, schedule, and cost in a structured manner to include processes for information sharing and feedback.
  • Documentation of demonstrated results through the development and dissemination of Technical Standards. The NASA Technical Standards Program (NTSP) accumulates technical requirements, tailors actions from NASA's programs and projects for engineering standards, infuses changes in existing standards, and develops new standards to reflect the needs of Agency programs.
  • Timely information sharing through searchable data.
  • Recognition of individual technical achievement.

The Advanced Planning and Analysis Division (APAD) within the NASA Office of the Chief Engineer is responsible for developing NASA engineering policy of the future, including development of engineering standards and coordination with other U.S. Government agencies and industry regarding standards.

The APAD director reports directly to the NASA Chief Engineer. In addition to advanced planning and analysis activities, the APAD director is responsible for highlighting future and emerging policy issues affecting the Office of the Chief Engineer. The director works closely with other NASA mission support offices to align engineering initiatives with the future direction of the Agency and to coordinate and develop NASA engineering policy directives and requirement documents related to the functions of the division, including NPD 7120.6 - Knowledge Policy on Programs and Projects.

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Artist's conception of a possible advanced nuclear thermal rocket for transporting humans to Mars
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