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NESC Leadership Team
As the NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC) Leadership Team, we are proud of our success providing value-added independent products to the Agency's high-risk programs and projects. We rely on the expertise and resources at the NASA Centers and operate as a true One NASA organization. We have built a strong technical team and solid processes that allow us to effectively provide the Agency with a critical resource. The NESC has and continues to remain committed to the premise on which we were founded - engineering excellence.  [image-36]

+ Biographies for NESC personnel.

NESC Organization

The NESC has a management office located at the Langley Research Center, consisting of approximately 30-40 full-time employees. Approximately 30-50 full time engineering experts are located at their respective Center but report to the NESC management office at Langley. Our workforce is supplemented by partnerships with external organizations including other federal agencies, national labs, universities, and expert consultants as appropriate.

NASA Matrixed Support

"Ready-Experts" at each Center are also part of the team. These 150-200 experts stand ready and available to participate in independent, in-depth, technical assessments, tests and analyses. The use of these "Ready-Experts" will be negotiated with each NASA installation and the appropriate resource authority will be provided from the NESC.

Future Opportunities within NESC

NASA employees interested in supporting the NESC can also contact the NESC Chief Engineers located at each Center to inquire about NESC opportunities. When new positions are made available to NESC, you can find out about them through the USAJobs web site located at https://www.usajobs.gov/ .

NESC Leadership Team
NESC Management Team (left to right): Michael P. Blythe, Deputy Director for Safety, Daniel J. Tenney, former Manager, Management and Technical Support Office, Ralph R. Roe, Jr., former Director, Dawn M. Schaible, former Manager, Systems Engineering Office, Timmy R. Wilson, former Deputy Director.
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