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Dr. Robert S. Piascik - NASA Technical Fellow

[image-51]Dr. Piascik joined NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) in 1990 as a senior materials scientist in the Mechanics of Materials Branch and the Metals and Thermal Structures Branch.  In November 2003, he joined the newly formed NASA Engineering and Safety Center.  At LaRC, he has conducted basic and applied materials research and led NASA, industry, universities and government agency research teams.  Dr. Piascik's research is directed at damage science with particular emphasis on advancing the durability and damage tolerance engineering practice and the development of advanced metallic structural materials for aerospace vehicles.  His research has made significant contributions to a variety of NASA programs, including, The Vehicle Systems Program, The Aging Aircraft Program, and The High Speed Research Program.

Relative to his materials expertise, Dr. Piascik has been selected to serve in various functions, including, the metallic materials and process lead for the Columbia Accident Hardware Forensics Team and a materials technical advisor to the USAF and FAA.  Prior to 1990, Dr. Piascik worked for nearly twenty years in the nuclear commercial power industry; here, he gained expertise in environmental and radiation effects on reactor core and primary coolant structural materials, component failure analysis and advanced nuclear fuel design process development.

He has authored over 120 referenced publications and internal technical reports and edited 5 books on fatigue and fracture mechanics.  Dr. Piascik received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Materials Science from the University of Virginia and his B.S. degree in Nuclear Engineering from North Carolina State University.

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Dr. Robert S. Piascik - NASA Technical Fellow
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