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Patrick A. Martin - NASA HQ Senior Safety and Mission Assurance Integration Manager

Mr. Patrick A Martin began his liaison role with the NESC as the NASA HQ Senior Safety and Mission Assurance (S&MA) Integration Manager in May 2013.  Previously Mr. Martin served 13 years as the NASA HQ Office of Safety and Mission Assurance Manager for the Science Mission Directorates flight missions where he was responsible for assuring that safe and effective S&MA programs were established and implemented throughout each phase of NASA’s Earth and Space Science missions.  Mr. Martin developed, coordinated and implemented an NPR on Payload Risk Classifications which created a common lexicon for describing and communicating the level of mission success risk that is appropriate and acceptable for each unique system employed for NASA Science Missions.  Mr. Martin also developed and implemented the Integrated Mission Assurance Review (IMAR) process for NASA Science Missions which was later merged with the Space Shuttle PAR process to become a standardized Agency Safety and Mission Assurance Review process (SMSR) applied to all NASA flight missions.  In addition he performed a number of in-depth technical assessments for problem solving of S&MA related issues and served on several Mishap Investigation Boards including the CONTOUR and Genesis.

Prior to joining the NASA HQ Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, Mr. Martin was an Aerospace Engineer at the FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation where he performed licensing assessments, compliance monitoring, safety inspections, and range safety insight of commercial space launch operations, and served on the FAA Reusable Launch Vehicle regulation development team and was the FAA representative on the Delta III/Galaxy and Delta III/Orion Failure Investigation Boards. Prior to joining the FAA, Mr. Martin was employed for 10 years as a Senior Engineer with Vitro Corporation supporting the NASA HQ Office of Safety and Mission Assurance by providing mission success/systems engineering, and risk management oversight, and technical assessments for NASA’s Expendable Launch Vehicles and Upper Stages Programs. Prior to joining Vitro Corporation, Mr. Martin was a System Safety Engineer for 5 years as part of the GSFC Engineering and S&MA support contracts where he performed system safety and reliability engineering analysis for various GSFC and DOD projects.

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